NO NIIN is an independent online monthly magazine at the cusp of art, criticality, and love.

NO NIIN absorbs the disruptive sparks emerging from the intersectional art and culture environs that counter the status quo, aspiring to develop them as springboards for new ways of thinking and working towards hope, liberation, and building transnational, feminist anti-imperialist solidarities.

The magazine functions as a platform for commissioning writers of any background to express their thoughts in the form of essays, reviews, interviews, art, poetry, short fiction, podcasts, and playlists.

The idea of NO NIIN started with wanting to have a dedicated space where ‘what people do in the Arts’ in Finland can be documented and promoted in a serialised manner. When we started talking about it, we realised there were common experiences and desires that we shared through the actual and combined experience of working as independent artists and curators, as gallery coordinators (Third Space), exhibiting at museums and galleries in Finland, co-founding a cultural centre (Museum of Impossible Forms), curating and producing a film school (Academy of Moving People and Images), editing publications, writing articles, etc. Through these experiences, we have observed how art institutions and cultural projects often pigeonhole minority groups to express their thoughts and ideas only when it comes to matters related to their minority status. It is thoroughly frustrating to feel that individuals belonging to marginalised communities have nothing notable to offer beyond their trauma and struggles. In that regard, we see NO NIIN as a space where members of marginalised communities can feel free to share their insights on what they find urgent and see it as a space where they can perform any aspect of their multifaceted identities as they choose.

We want NO NIIN to be a critical locus for discourse and provoke difficult conversations that develop over time – to ask questions that can help the artistic community grow and look at their practice from more challenging perspectives.