NO NIIN fills the void of a publishing platform needed for the art writers, artists and curators in Finland to contribute their insights and different perspectives on topics they find urgent; and by doing so, initiating public conversations on the currents of the Arts scene in Finland. Our contributors are also our collaborators and collaborations are the building blocks of working relationships and friendships. In addition to attending to the needs of recognition, patronage, market and livelihood by promoting the art workers in the local scene, we feel that as a newly formed working group it is important to respect, acknowledge and safeguard the rights of our contributors and service providers by making fair and transparent contracts. We believe maintaining such clarity is a requisite to preserving our relationships.

We acknowledge and thank Feminist Culture House for sharing agreement templates. The templates were appropriated and modified to suit the needs of NO NIIN’s work and requirements. We would also like to acknowledge and thank Riikka Kuoppala at Vegan and Legal for reviewing the agreements for fairness and soundness.