Julianna Hyrri, Five timeframes, countless companionships, 2022

Juliana Hyrri (b. 1989, Kohtla-Järve, Estonia) is a Helsinki-based visual artist, illustrator and award-winning cartoonist. In her art, Hyrri often deals with the themes of otherness, growth, and events that evoke conflicting emotions. The overlap and layering of narration are essential in her practice. Hyrri holds a Master of Arts degree from Aalto University and is studying for a Master of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki.

I find the topic of artist residencies and friendships very personal and relevant for me as an artist. At any residence, time always seems to run out and eventually, people leave for different roads. The image hints at moments where activities have been interrupted: food is on the table, sketches and supplies are wide open, and the outdoor space flows into the interior. I have used photographs and my own experiences of the residencies I have been in as references. As time has passed, my memories have intertwined into a rich collage.