Fjolla Hoxha is a writer and performance artist from Prizren, Kosova. She studied Dramaturgy at The Art Academy /University of Prishtina, Critique of Theater & Drama at Istanbul University/ Faculty of Philology and is currently pursuing a graduate degree at the Theater Academy / University of Arts Helsinki, Finland in Live Art and Performance Studies.

You own my wet pink sock
As everything else I carried
Dry memories disrupted by molecules of time
A silver stoned flower nose piercing
Peacefully scrimmaging with your wild red curls
Supposedly acupuncture for the nerves
Pain relief pins in India for childbirth.
Ensured in the volcanic pile of all your belongings
High up 
Where dog pumps
Winking friend’s snores sleeping in the hallway
 And the dismantling carnation can gently be heard
The battle of heat thirst acrophobia 
at last, have been whipped away by the night
subconscious morning caresses with a Siamese twin
perditioned in arms and legs and feet
For some reason
My transparent love-spill collection bag
Doesn’t feel threatened by other bags
Staring shamelessly straight at my face

Morning body
Surrendered to a backscratch
Profuse kisses given away to the beast
Tiresome squeals
A voice…
Every time you disappeared for hours
I felt no disappointment 
Because every time you came back
I kept drifting again in wondrous pleasures
Of your benevolent presence
And the goodbye you gave
Like a sticker to my soul
Westlake is where u drop off next time 
But carry less shit- you said!