Illustration: Tara AnandIllustration: Tara Anand

Issue 12 / Jun – Jul 2022

Long Before Justice

This issue aims to construct a more comprehensive understanding of our situation when confronting the power structures that oppress us. How to engage with institutions and their blind spots when it comes to meaningfully including the marginalized; it looks at the intrinsic relationship of military-occupation with tourism in Eelam; ruminates on power, gaze, and field; the politics of care, disability, and the aesthetics of assisting devices; and unpicks the ‘problem’ of safety in Helsinki’s underground music scene to explore what the issue of safety in processes of urban change. Tara Anand, Sinthujan Varadarajah, Ali Akbar Mehta, Timo Tuhkanen, Roberto Fusco, Setare Arashloo, Rohan Stevenson, and Riikka Kuoppala are some of the contributors to this issue.