Nina Mufleh is an artist, currently living in Jordan.

intersectional feminist hands me a copy of how to talk about race
recites a land acknowledgment
to honor the native tribes
who have been displaced
to make space for the organic açaí bar we frequent
claims to pay the voluntary land tax as a form of reparations
tears up at the mention of the government’s transgressions —
past and present
intersectional feminist talks about oneness
and spirit
about a vision 
of a world free of labels
and division
buys groceries from a co-op and doesn’t mess with single use plastic
loves AOC and RBG and hashtags goals on most of their pictures
intersectional feminist observes meatless mondays twice a month
and cuts down on quinoa because peruvians can no longer afford it
intersectional feminist
is male
is female
is non-binary
is writing pronouns in bio to normalize that conversation 
because intersectional feminist is an ally
of every cause
of every cause that isn’t palestinian
claims the history is too complicated
can’t champion something without understanding
dips tortillas in sabra hummus
and doesn’t taste the bitter when we mention shatila
swears the name must be coincidence
but respects conscious consumption
intersectional feminist has had a rough year
and needs to cocoon for self care
psyche needs a break because it’s manifesting physical pain from life’s pressures
acknowledges the privilege of being able to say that
of having time
and space
to heal
to refocus on the beauty all around us
to sideline suffering for a minute
besides, intersectional feminist has friends who went on birthright
and a cousin from canada who left to volunteer for the occupiers’ army
intersectional feminist wouldn’t want to minimize their truths
must hold space for their fears
after all, antisemitism is on the rise
intersectional feminist understands the same is true of islamophobia
as well as anti-asian violence
and hate crimes in general
and speaking of which, asks 
aren’t the arabs homophobic
isn’t their patriarchy horrible towards women
isn’t toxic masculinity codified
that’s another conversation, i reply,
let’s have it any other day
not when we’re discussing apartheid
intersectional feminist warns me
even bernie said tone down that rhetoric
raises eyebrows to indicate i crossed a line 
sips on sodastream water
signs out of HP computer
soaks skin in AHAVA minerals
slips into a pair of
scoops a pint of ben & jerry’s 
and silently supports a genocide