Open call

NO NIIN has an ongoing OPEN CALL throughout the year for new contributors.

Each issue of NO NIIN includes texts and multimedia content commissioned directly by the editors, as well as pieces originating from pitches submitted through this OPEN CALL.

Submit your project

You can send us:

  • the outline of an idea
  • a work in progress
  • an already completed project

We edit and comment on the work on different stages, mainly upon the request of the contributor. Within that editing process, we will do our best to maintain spaces in which everyone feels comfortable and safe in sharing their opinions in a respectful and considerate manner. Above everything, we value the contributor’s creative agency and control over their material. Nothing is published in NO NIIN without the final approval of the contributor.

NO NIIN is interested in writing that is lively, rigorous, and engaged with current ideas and debates on contemporary art and culture. We invite writing that critically addresses art and its various contexts, as well as examines trends and emerging perspectives through a mix of editorials, columns, in-depth essays, interviews, artist projects and reviews. We welcome difficult conversations and questions that can help the artistic community grow and look at their practice from different perspectives. NO NIIN is particularly interested in publishing the texts written or works done by art students during their studies. We publish works in a variety of forms: text from different genres, video, photography, podcasts, comics and hybrids of all kinds.

This is how to offer a proposal for NO NIIN:


Written pieces
  • Please email your written ideas to or upload them through this form.
  • Submit your ideas using Google Docs so we can comment our thoughts on the same.
  • Specify a ‘category and/or title’ in the Subject-line of the email along with the style (article, poem, interview, etc) e.g. Poem_Title_Your Name_Year
  • Tell us about the subject of your work and how you want to approach it. What inspired you to work with the subject? Your proposal should contain a 5-10 line summary about the text you are proposing to submit.
  • Exhibition Review: We highly encourage you to write to us and express your interest in writing a review for a specific upcoming exhibition/event/seminar in Finland. Tell us what draws you to that event and from which perspective you aim to explore it?
  • Interview: Interviews are one of the main features of NO NIIN. Write to us if you have someone specific or a collective in mind who is active in the arts scene in Finland and you would like to interview them. Tell us why you have chosen that person/collective, and share some of your questions with us.
  • Let us know if the text is new or to be republished. Please ensure that you have consent from the previous publisher.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The language of the texts must be in English.
  • Please proof-read your text before sending.
  • Please remember to title your works.
  • Text formatting for submissions: legible and easy to read font and font-size with double-line-spacing (we recommend 12pt, Times Roman).
  • Please send your proposal with a short introduction of yourself. You can include a portfolio/ samples of your previous texts and a brief bio/ CV to the proposal.


Multimedia content

We accept all mediums: photography, mixed-media, drawings, illustrations, paintings, digital paintings, video, motion graphics, (anything else we may not have thought of).

Please submit your works based on the following guidelines:

  • Please email your written ideas to
  • Send samples of your images, podcast or videos via Google Drive. Specify a ‘category and/or title’ in the Subject-line of the email (photography, drawings, video, etc) e.g. Video_Artwork-Title_Your Name_Year
  • Image submission size: Minimum 1350x1080 pixels, 72 dpi resolution, JPG files. If the work will be published we will request you to submit a high-resolution file of the same.
  • Video submission may be sent as a low-res .mp4 or .mov, or as an online link. If the work will be published we will request you to submit a HD .mov file of the same. Videos must have English subtitles embedded to them.


  • Misogynistic, racist or other bigoted works are not accepted.

  • NO NIIN will never publish any material submitted as proposals without the finalisation, permission and required contractual agreement for the same. Tell us when you have time to work on the piece in order to complete it so we can plan our publishing schedule accordingly.

  • All payments by NO NIIN will be made through tax cards or invoices.

  • Republishing is a legal matter. If you would like to republish something on NO NIIN you must have consent from the previous publisher.

  • Your published work on NO NIIN can be republished with a credit mention to ‘NO NIIN_Volume Number_Issue Number’

  • We are happy to be your reference or write you a letter of recommendation for other media purposes.

  • We are run by two people so it may take us 1-2 weeks to get back to you but we try our best. If you don’t receive a reply please send us a follow-up.

  • When in doubt, simply ask.

  • ‘Question before assumption’ is the key to our survival and we greatly appreciate your understanding, love and support.


All contributors receive a fee for their published work on NO NIIN. Please refer to our fee rates given below.

  • 150€-350€ Essays, articles, exhibition reviews, manifestos, letters (1500-3500 words)
  • 150€-300€ Interviews (1500-3000 words)
  • 100€-200€ Poem (individual poems, sequences, or suites 1-2 pages)
  • 150€-250€ Fiction writing (short story, a short play or short script) to a maximum of 2500 words
  • 50€ Meme
  • 200€ Illustration
  • 200€ Comic
  • 100€ Photograph
  • 50€-150€ Video (5-15 min)
  • 50€-150€ Podcast (5-15 min)
  • 50€ Playlists