Julianna Hyrri, Five timeframes, countless companionships, 2022Julianna Hyrri, Five timeframes, countless companionships, 2022

Issue 11 / May 2022

The Unsettling of Institutions

This issue explores intersectionality through the lens of same-sex love; asks for a stop on funding cuts in the arts in Finnish institutions of higher education; features a collective on conversation on creating an online platform for resource-sharing, writing and discussing urgent topics among art practitioners the Arab world; examines the politics of companionship, book as an art practice, and live game performances uncovering the overlapping of territories, the unsettling of institutions, the linking of languages and sites of exploitation, and what migration can teach us about contemporary forms of community. Features Taina Rajanti, Lin Chih Tung, Riikka Stewen, Sakari Tervo, Uzair Amjad, K-oh-llective among others.