Illustration: Shaden Abed-elal, 2023Illustration: Shaden Abed-elal, 2023

Issue 17 / May 2024

Displacements, Discomforts, Translocations

This issue centres ideas around displacements, discomforts, and translocations. Our writers look into the diversity of the Filipino diasporic experience and the importance of return, shaped by multiple forms of the diaspora; magical-realistic manifestations found in contemporary Palestinian literature and their role in resisting the ongoing effects of the Nakba; navigating hostile spaces for women with disabilities, changing policies, and tying art into livelihood, fun, and friendship; works of artists who have produced art about skateboarding and/or learned from it artistically within Artsi’s FLIP! Skate & Art Exhibition: embracing the unexpected while working with documentary subjects. The issue concludes with two poems by Elyas Alavi.